The Anatomy of a Great Deception

This docu-thriller follows family-man-turned-filmmaker, David Hooper, as he unknowingly begins his own 9/11 investigation by asking one innocent question. Within months, his belief system is in shambles and he’s been tuned-out by those closest to him, including his wife, mom and sister. With his relationships on the brink of disaster and facing financial ruin, he risks everything on one last chance to tell his story and recover his life by making a movie for those closest to him. It worked.  This is that movie.


Independently Screened in 45 cities across the globe in 2014, The Anatomy of a Great Deception has become the go-to-guide for truth seekers everywhere.

Down the Rabbit Hole

With David Hooper, H. Vincent, David DeBiasi and Cathryn Neracher

Hosted by Filmmaker David Hooper – The Anatomy of a Great Deception – DTRH picks up where his highly acclaimed film left off. Each week Hooper and Co-Hosts H. Vincent, David DeBiasi and Cathryn Neracher discuss a broad range of topics, often classified as conspiracy theories, in an attempt to find the truth hidden from the general population. Nothing is taboo and no topic is too controversial for intelligent debate.

The 401 Book

Proof of the Devil hidden in the details

During research into his groundbreaking documentary The Anatomy of a Great Deception David found an alarming, yet interesting pattern of seemingly random quotes that, put together, created a narrative so prophetic it must be shared.


This is not your father's quote book.  Follow the author's journey from disillusionment to enlightenment interpreted through quotes gathered while researching the author’s independent film.


If you dig deep enough you find the truth.

In Production: AGD2

The second installment in the AGD Series

Did you think 9-11 was the end of the story?  The second film in the series exposes a variety of far reaching conspiracies meant to deceive and, ultimately, imprison every man, woman and child on Earth.  The implications are dire, but there is good news:  You do not have to sit idly by and watch.


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